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Re: Contributions to Work of Padre Pio August 2007
Dear Spiritual Children and Friends of Padre Pio,

The Lord give you His peace!

Art. 17 of the Statutes of the Prayer Groups of Padre Pio states: The members of the Prayer Groups are not obliged to contribute financially. Whenever the Prayer Groups desire to contribute to the expenses of the organization and to help the Foundation “Home for the Relief of Suffering”, they are free to do so and can forward their contributions to the Foundation. They can make collections for this purpose with the permission of the respective Diocesan Ordinaries and where it is prescribed, with the permission of the competent civil authority. (Until such time as the Statutes are revised we are reminded that with the active participation of the priest Spiritual Director he can be the spokesperson through which the group receives permission from the competent authorities [Diocese, Parish, Civil, etc.] for any extraordinary fund raising. Contributions made through the group among the members during a regular monthly meeting should not normally require special permission. Each one will follow the criteria specified by the one authorizing the establishment of the Prayer Group.)

Many USA Padre Pio Prayer Groups, as an expression of their participation in the needs of others, do innumerable works of charity in Padre Pio’s name both in the United States and elsewhere around the world. Many have opted to share in the upkeep of the Works of Padre Pio at San Giovanni Rotondo and elsewhere under the surveillance and responsibility of the Papal Delegate for the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza, Mons. Domenico D’Ambrosio, Archbishop of Manfredonia-Vieste-San Giovanni Rotondo. The National Office receives many phone calls and emails requesting information on how they might concretely participate in continuing the Work of Padre Pio.

In view of the above, I think it is appropriate to offer the following reminder. Mons. Domenico D’Ambrosio, Papal Delegate and General Director for the Shrine and Works of Padre Pio, has already sent a letter to all Groups suggesting how their free will donations can be channeled directly to the General Headquarters that is directly responsible to him. There is concern however that the offerings may not reach the desired destination because of difficulties encountered in international currency exchange. In light of this, I can also suggest that cumulative donations from the Groups can also be sent to the National Office, with a clear address of the Sender on the envelope for acknowledgment purposes. These donations will in turn be sent to the General Headquarters through the National Office. Should your specific Prayer Group want to make a donation through the National Office, please make a cumulative offering (i.e. one check) from the Group. A list of those donating to this amount may be attached to the check or money order.

In this way one acknowledgment will be sent to the Group, but the names of those who donated together with the one check will be sent to San Giovanni Rotondo.

This information is being sent to you for the sake of facilitating the process of sending contributions to the correct destination.

REMEMBER: Donations are not a requirement for being a Spiritual Child of Padre Pio nor for forming a Padre Pio Prayer Group.

With every best wish for you and your loved ones, may the Lord bless you; Our Lady guide, guard, and protect you; and Padre Pio look over each one of you, his Spiritual Children, with loving care.

Peace and Blessings
Fr. Francis A. Sariego, O.F.M. Cap.
National Coordinator