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Letters from PPPG National Coordinator


Please Note: A Letter from the Office of the National Coordinator has been published regarding group registration forms: Registration and Updating Prayer Groups


Please have these Registration Forms processed as follows:

Complete the entire Registration Form and obtain the signature of the Bishop approving your prayer group. (for newly-forming groups)

Complete the entire Update Registration Form (for established groups that have significant changes: Spiritual Directror, Leadership personnel, addresses, emails, etc.) Regardless of how much or little information is changed, PLEASE FILL OUT THE ENTIRE UPDATE FORM.

Make 3 copies:

  • Send the original copy signed by the Bishop or who for him to the General Headquarters for the Padre Pio Prayer Groups, San Giovanni Rotondo,
  • Retain one copy for the records of your Prayer Group
  • Send one copy to National Headquarters.

Upon receipt of the above information, General Headquarters will issue your Group a Certificate of Recognition, a notification from the International Headquarters in San Giovanni Rotondo that your Group has been registered with and is recognized as an official Padre Pio Prayer Group.

Upon your receipt of this Certificate of Recognition (which will be sent directly to the Group’s Spiritual and/or Group Leader), please forward a copy to the National Office so that the records on your group may be properly updated.



General Headquarters requests that, periodically, activity reports be submitted. It is not necessary to send a report monthly, unless some specific activities, are taking place. It is preferred however that at least every 3 month a report be submitted, even if there is nothing other than the usual activities of the Group to record.

For these Activity Forms there is NO NEED for the Bishop’s signature.

Headquarters in San Giovanni Rotondo prefers that such reports be filled out on the official form (available here) in order to facilitate processing.

National Office requests that when filling out an Activity Report, you do as you were directed above for the Registration and Updating Forms:

  • Send the original copy to General Headquarters
  • Retain one copy for the records of your Prayer Group
  • Send one copy to the National Office

Please type or print clearly all the information required. Since we need hard copies, do not submit the information by email, it causes confusion and the material cannot be processed as needed for General Headquarters.

For further help, please contact us.

Thank you for your efforts in establishing a Padre Pio Prayer Group (PPPG).