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May 2024
Dear Spiritual Children and Friends of Padre Pio,


The Lord give you His peace!


This letter is addressed to all the Prayer Groups of the USA.


The years-long updating concerning the addresses of the Groups in the USA that are registered at the Padre Pio Prayer Groups Headquarters at San Giovanni Rotondo has never been able to arrive at a solution. Websites have offered us an opportunity to clarify and correct much of the confusion regarding “official” USA Prayer Groups registered at Centro Gruppi di Preghiera Padre Pio in San Giovanni. It seems however that many have forgotten to update their sites or even to neglect keeping in contact with Headquarters.


Considering the above, and encouraged by The Headquarters in San Giovanni, the link to any addresses on this website, for the USA or elsewhere, will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE HERE. They will all be deleted.


To check if your Group is registered and recognized as an official Prayer Group in San Giovanni Rotondo, please use the link provided by San Giovanni Rotondo, Follow the directions you find when you click the link at the bottom of this letter, to know if your Prayer Group is registered according in the archives in the Center at San Giovanni. If you do not see the name of your Group,  and its address, you can conclude that it is not registered or no longer considered an official Prayer Group.


This may be because no one responded to emails or phone calls from San Giovanni, which have been many, or have not communicated with the General Headquarters with updates of any kind for a considerable period of time.


Again I repeat: Please click the link to know if you are registered as an active Prayer Group, or have been deleted for lack of updates for a number of years. Be aware of the fact that many cell calls have been made both from the USA and a number from San Giovanni’s Office and there have been no responses by phone or otherwise. If you have questions call Gina at San Giovanni Rotondo or me at the phone number above.


Remember, ultimately everything is referred to Padre Pio Prayer Group Headquarters in San Giovanni Rotondo.


God bless all of you and may Our Lady, good St. Joseph, and our beloved Padre Pio watch over us all with loving care.


Peace and Blessings

Fr. Francis A. Sariego, OFM Cap

National Coordinator




Caro Padre Francesco,

come d’accordo ti mando il link alla mappa ufficiale dei Gruppi di Preghiera:




By clicking on “Find the Prayer Group closest to you” a Google map will open

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Queste sono le indicazioni che vengono nate nel sito.

Se pensi che non siano chiare, correggiamo, fammi sapere.


Grazie sempre di tutto,

un caro saluto








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