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February 2024

Everyone is looking for you. Let us go to the nearby villages that I may preach there also.

For this purpose have I come. (Mark 1: 29-39)

If you wish you can make me clean. I do will it. Be made clean. (Mark 1: 40-45)

Take care not to perform righteous deeds in order that people may see them.

Your Father who sees what is hidden will repay you. (Matthew 6: 1-18)

Jesus came proclaiming the Gospel of God: This is the time of fulfillment.

The kingdom of God is at hand. REpent  and believe in the gospel. (Mark 1: 12-15)

Thus is my beloved Son. Listen to Him. (Mark 9: 2-10)




Heavenly Father,

in Padre Pio of Pietrelcina,

You have given us a modern image of the Suffering Savior, 

Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina guided his Spiritual Children with love.

How many of those spiritual children were brought to the Blood of Jesus

through the image of Your Son they saw in him.

We pray that we, who have not known Padre Pio personally,

may also be numbered among his Spiritual Children.

Through his fatherly protection and intercession,

may Your Holy Spirit guide and strengthen us in all our needs, spiritual and temporal.

That we may receive from Your Eternal Love, at the moment of our death,

The joy of sharing Your eternal life and love forever.

We have entered the period of prayer and penance t

hat leads us to celebrate the great Paschal Mystery

of our Redemption in the Sacrifice of Your Son, 

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, on Calvary.

May we enter that mystery more deeply after the example of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.

In Your Love grant that we may manifest in our lives the image and likeness of Jesus.

Thus, always aware of the Divine Love of Jesus Who died that we might have the fullness of life,

may we one day share with our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and Padre Pio

eternal Life and happiness with You

the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God, living and reigning forever.




May Jesus comfort you in all painful trials and make you holy!


Don’t fear the evil tricks of Satan.


Jesus is at your side, and his vigilant grace watches over you.


Hope in the Most High and no harm will come to you.


Don’t let the difficulties which you will meet along this path to holiness frighten or terrorize you.


God is with you and he, who has taken your sanctification to heart, knows how to defend you from all your enemies.


May Jesus continue to totally possess your heart and render it worthy of him!


My heart never becomes silent before God.


God is with you and it is his spirit that is working within you.


Be resigned even when you don’t feel up to it.


May Jesus always look upon you with a benevolent eye.


May (Jesus) comfort you in sad times and render you always more dear to him.


The Lord’s calling must be followed immediately; otherwise we place our salvation in danger.


Don’t let temptations frighten you.


(Temptations) are the trials of the soul whom God wants to test when he sees they have the necessary strength to sustain the struggle.


You must not believe that the world is ingenuous, and accept its demonstrations and protests in an ingenuous manner.


Only with Jesus and with him who takes his place can you have complete trust and behave in a simple manner.


Be cheerful and rest trustingly, as always, in the arms of divine mercy, and do not fear


Let all earthly and infernal powers rise against you; they are powerless as long as you confide in Jesus and abandon yourself to him


In the apostolic college there were those who loved and those who were loved. But all, except for the son of perdition, were loved by the divine Master.


(The first disciples) were not treated all in the same manner, but according to their needs, characters and capabilities.


Be tranquil in God’s holy name, and despise everything that upsets you, because it doesn’t come from God.


Live in peace, and I warmly bless you.


Be tranquil! Receive Holy Communion and pay no attention to the boasting of others.


You should take heart and be ready for any trial to which the Lord might wish to subject you.


How good God is! It is true that he is good to all, but he is particularly good to those who place all their trust in him.


(In the midst of our trials) you always conformed your will to that of God. So the Lord wishes to reward you.


May Jesus be with you always; may he comfort you in every painful trial, and render you worthy of his divine pleasure!


Do not let the mass of your infidelities frighten you, for the Lord who is sheer goodness has pardoned and forgotten all.

Litany of the Stations of the Cross

Lord Jesus, may I walk this way with you, in the spirit of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.

May each step heighten within me a realization and love for all You endured for me.

In the words of St. Alphonsus Liguori:

(*) Grant that I may love You always, then do with me as you will.


Jesus Condemned to death: Lord Jesus, that I may see the people in my life through your eyes, and not the eyes of a Pontius Pilate, who washed his hands of responsibility, through Your life-giving Sacrifice, and the intercession of Padre Pio, grant me this grace. (* Grant that I…)


Jesus takes His Cross: Lord Jesus, that I may embrace the crosses of my life, so that in recognizing my weaknesses I may discover Your strengths, (*)


Jesus falls the first time: Lord Jesus, that I may always trust in Your loving care for me, even when I fall, (*)


Jesus and Mary meet on the road to Calvary: Lord Jesus, that I may see how often You love me through the people in my life, as Mary loved you, and that I may always keep our Blessed Mother Mary, who accompanies me in life’s journey, in my heart, (*)


Jesus is assisted in carrying the cross by Simon of Cyrene: Lord Jesus, that I may see that loving others and assisting them in their need is the surest way to find and recognize You in my life, as Simon did, (*)


Jesus received the compassion of Veronica who wiped His blood-stained face: Lord Jesus, that I may have a deeper and more courageous faith to be unafraid to reach out to others, as Veronica did to You, (*)


Jesus falls the second time: Lord Jesus, that I may never hide behind pride, and that I may be ready and willing to begin again after my repeated falls, (*)


Jesus meets the weeping women of Jerusalem: Lord Jesus, that I may show compassion to others in their sorrow or need, and place my sorrow or need second to theirs for a while, (*)


Jesus falls the third time: Lord Jesus, that I may recognize how much I need You and rely on Your strength in the many difficulties and pit-falls of life, (*)


Jesus is stripped of His garments: Lord Jesus, that I may let go of those things that prevent me from growing closer to You, (*)


Jesus is nailed to the wood of the Cross: Lord Jesus, that I may see Your cross as the great sign of Your love for me, as did our Spiritual Father, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, (*)


Jesus, after three hours of excruciating pain and agony, dies on the Cross: Lord Jesus, that I may see my crosses, regardless of the lengths of suffering to which they may lead me, as ways of loving You and dying to myself, (*)


Jesus’ heart is pierced by the centurion’s lance and He is taken down from the Cross and placed in the loving arms of His Most Sorrowful Mother: Lord Jesus, that I may learn to place my life in Your hands, and not fear being considered unimportant, useless, helpless as You were considered on the Cross, that I may find my consolation in Your example and the loving embrace of our Heavenly Mother Who receives us with compassion and a mother’s love.(*)


Jesus is placed in the Tomb: Lord Jesus, that I may always believe in Your closeness and loving presence, especially when You seem distant from me, (*)

Concluding Prayers

Lord Jesus, help me to walk with You each day of my life, even to Calvary. The sorrow and joy, the pain and healing, the failures and triumphs of my life are truly small deaths and resurrections that lead me closer to You. Give me the faith and trust I need to walk with You always.

Mary, Mother of our Redeemer and our most Blessed Mother

Mother be with us through life’s journey. As you comforted Jesus on the road to Calvary by your silent and loving presence, as you held his lifeless body close to your Immaculate Heart, as you offered the sadness and suffering that only a mother can feel when she sees the suffering of her child, look upon me as you looked at Jesus. See His marred image in my frail nature; hold me close to your mother’s heart in my moments of temptation and sin; and pray for me that I may be for God what I was created to be a LIVING IMAGE OF JESUS. Amen.

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina,

Loving Padre Pio, our Father and Spiritual Guide, by a singular grace you were blessed to participate in the mystery of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through your ministry, God revealed the marvels of His mercy to numberless souls. Pray for us, that like you, and through your loving intercession, we may remain one with Christ in his Passion so as to joyfully come with you to the glory of the Resurrection. Intercede for us with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who is God living and reigning forever and ever. Amen

Happy and Fruitful Lent