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Discontinuance of Regular Monthly Mailings

Padre Pio Prayer Groups

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Wilmington, Delaware 19809

Re: Discontinuance of Regular Monthly Mailings June 2010
Dear Spiritual Children and Friends of Padre Pio,

The Lord give you His Peace!

It has been my privilege and joy to share thoughts and prayers with you every month. So many of you have expressed your appreciation and gratitude for the Circular Letters and the Reflective Calendars that we of the National Office have faithfully mailed every month to you since 2004. Unfortunately, circumstances and the economy will not allow us to continue our monthly mailing. I will continue writing the Circular Letters every month and offering you a Calendar each month with words from Padre Pio and devotional practices for any who would like to make use of them. However, this June mailing is the last that will be sent out to you by US Mail. From now on everything will be downloadable from the website. The letters and calendars will be in pdf form; this will allow for easy print outs.

In this electronic age, I have noticed that most of the Prayer Groups have at least one person who is internet connected. Please ask that internet-connected-person in your group, who would be willing, to please print out the monthly calendar and letter.

Since my appointment as National Coordinator for the Padre Pio Prayer Groups, Jim and Sue have been my right hands in getting the work of the National Office accomplished. They make good use of the talents God has given them, and with great sacrifice both with their time and treasures, they have and continue to faithfully assist me in keeping in contact with all of you and with matters regarding the International Headquarters, in many things at their own expense. I must also thank our Webmaster, Dennis, who has had to put up with me all these years with questions and requests regarding our website; his generosity with his time and expertise have allowed us to continue our website with minimum expenses. I could not have done what has been done to date without the kind and generous assistance God has offered me in Sue, Jim and Dennis. May God continue to bless them for their kindness to me and all of us. Because of their selfless service to the Prayer Groups, I ask you to join your prayers of gratitude with mine that the Lord may continue to bless them for their kindness to all of us.

In the beginning, this decision we have had to make may cause you some inconvenience, but I pray that it can quickly be overcome with the cooperation of members in each Prayer Group.

With every best wish for all of you, I ask you to remember me in your prayers as this Year of the Priest concludes. Pray that God may make me a priest according to His Sacred Heart that, with all my faults and sins, I may be a worthy Capuchin son of St. Francis of Assisi, and faithful to my services as a brother in the Order to my ‘brother’ Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, as I seek to continue his spirit among the faithful.

May God bless you and your loved ones; our Lady guide, guard, and protect you; and Padre Pio watch over each one of you, his Spiritual Children, with loving care.

Peace and Blessings
Fr. Francis A. Sariego, O.F.M. Cap.
National Coordinator