January 2009
In the beginning was the Word.
the Word was God & He dwelled among us.

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The following words of Padre Pio are taken from his correspondence with Antonietta Vona in 1918: May 21, June 4, July 20, August 18, September 15, December 11, Christmas May we recognize and be grateful for all the gifts God has given us in the past and will undoubtedly bestow upon us all in the New Year 2009. Happy and Blessed New Year to All! 1 My Jesus fill you with his holy love and grant you all the graces your beautiful soul desires. 2 May the Lord ‘continue to possess’ your heart always, rendering it holy to the degree established in eternity. 3 Do not fear the severe winter’s tempests, because the more severe it is the richer the spring will be with flowers and the harvest will be more abundant.
4 (Stay close to the Crib of Jesus) if you love riches, here you will find the gold the Kings left Him. 5 (Stay close to the Crib of Jesus) if you love the smoke of honors, here you will find that of incense. 6 (Stay close to the Crib of Jesus) if you love the delicacy of the senses, you will smell the perfumed myrrh, which perfumes the entire holy stable. 7 Be patient in bearing your imperfections, if your perfection is dear to your heart. 8 When you cannot take big steps…be content with small steps, patiently waiting until you have legs to run, or better still, wings to fly. 9 Lovingly humble yourself before God and men, because God speaks to those who are humble. 10 Trust and love the goodness of our God.
11 Jesus is present in your suffering, precisely in the center of your heart. 12 The one who loves, suffers. Love not yet satisfied is a torment. 13 Continue to pray for everyone and especially for…the Church, and poor sinners in order to amend for the many offences to his divine Heart. 14 Courage a while longer: The reward is not far off. 15 Do not be afraid when you are in darkness…not to be upset…but carry on peacefully…because all is a (sign) of love on the part of Jesus. 16 You must not manifest (the matters of your soul) to anybody except to him who has care of your soul…guard the secret of the King. 17 Animate your courage continually with humility, and your humility and your desire to be humble, with trust in God.
18 (Animate your courage and humility) so that your courage is humble, and your humility is courageous. 19 (Don’t wait to do good) get to work and even though it may not work out to perfection, you will still have the reward of your good will. 20 Make every effort to adorn both your interior and exterior conversations with sincerity, sweetness, and joy. 21 As far as you possibly can…see that the resolution you made to love the love of God constantly transpires in your actions. 22 We must take comfort in the Lord, on the sweet reflection that everything is ordered by him with weight and measure. 23 Continue…with humble, assiduous and fervent prayers before Jesus, so that all will work out for his glory, (your) sanctification, and the edification of others. 24 As long as your soul is firmly determined to live and die serving and loving God, do not upset yourself either for powerlessness or any other impediment.
25 Suffice it for us to know that God is our God and that our heart is his temple. 26 (The Lord associates Himself) with your suffering and associates you with His own. 27 Why do you doubt love when it possesses you so intimately? 28 How can you fear the rejection of Him who has sealed your heart with the seal of Love? 29 God is working out in you his admirable purpose which is to complete your total transfiguration in him 30 Stick firmly to the truth… and in all certainty of conscience. 31 Live tranquilly and by all means expand your soul before the eternal Sun, without fearing its burning and fiery rays.

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January 2009

Prayer to Padre Pio
(every day)
Padre Pio, I thank you and praise God in you for making His Name known more profoundly in our hearts. You bore the marks of the Savior’s saving Passion and became a refuge and support for all who sought your guidance. Your patient ministry of reconciliation brought numberless souls back to God, so that rescued from the evil one, they could praise and glorify God in their lives. From your place in heaven watch over us and keep your hand on each one of us that we may always walk the path that leads to God, the Source and Goal of all life, who lives and reigns Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Thanksgiving Psalm - Psalm 111 (adapted)

We thank You Lord with all our heart. Great are Your works. They are to be pondered by all who love You. I thank You and praise You for the gift You have given us in Padre Pio. Lord, Your compassion and love help us to remain faithful to our Baptismal promises, deliver us from evil, and strengthen our love for You. As we journey each day this week with Padre Pio, our Spiritual Father and Guide, help us to praise Your Name in all that we do. As Spiritual Children of Padre Pio may we live each day in prayer, sacrifice and service to all. We praise You and give glory to the You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as in the beginning, now, and forever. Amen.

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas
(Adapted to Padre Pio and
every day of the week)
Almighty ever-living God, I am privileged and blessed to approach you in your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, especially in His Divine Presence in the Eucharist. I thank you for giving me Padre Pio as Spiritual Guide and living image of your Suffering Son. May his prayers keep me always faithful and lead me close to You. Amen.

Eternal Father, I come as one sick to the doctor of life, as one unclean to the fountain of mercy, as one blind to the radiance of eternal light, as one poor and needy to the Lord of heaven and earth. Padre Pio offered many the opportunity of experiencing your healing grace. Grant that I may always seek and work for that spiritual wholeness that comes from You and You alone.

Lord Jesus, You are King of kings and Lord of lords. With humble reverence, with purity of faith, with repentance and love, and the determination that will help to bring me to salvation I place myself in your presence. Padre Pio urged us to seek You always in all things. Grant that your Servant Pio may be the sure guide that leads me to You and through You to the Father.

Lord Jesus, with reverence, gratitude, and adoration, I recognize Your loving presence in my life and its power to transform me. Padre Pio sought that transformation every moment of his life through his intimate relationship with You. Help me to live a life of active prayer that allows me to be in Your presence wherever I am and whatever I do.

Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son, I acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ, born from the womb of the Virgin Mary, as my Lord and Savior, and know that in You and through Him I am numbered among the beloved children of the Eternal Father. Padre Pio desired that we live as sisters and brothers, children of the same Father. May I always allow Your love to shine through in my life for all.

Holy Spirit, on my earthly pilgrimage, I receive the precious Body and Blood of my Savior Jesus Christ under the mysterious veil of the Eucharistic Sacrament. Padre Pio celebrated with abandonment to your presence and was transported to the heights of intimacy with God. May I one day see You, my God, face to face in glory. You live and reign for never and ever. Amen.

Concluding Prayer

Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God and my Mother,
Daughter of the Eternal Father, pray that we recognize our unity as children of the One Father.
Mother of the Only-Begotten Son, pray that we accept each other as sisters and brothers in the same Jesus.
Spouse of the Life-Giving Holy Spirit, pray that we be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, leading us to the fullness of life.
Mary, Virgin Made Church, Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ, First Tabernacle, First Monstrance, be with us in life’s journey, and help us see and follow Jesus.

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