October 2007

Most Holy Rosary and St. Francis of Assisi

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1 In my prayers and especially during Mass I continually ask many graces for your soul. 2 I ask divine love for you. This is everything for us. 3 Divine love must sweeten all our weaknesses, all our feelings, sufferings and actions. 4 How blessed are the faculties of the soul when they obey so wise a King! 5 Without him (Jesus) we should be prey for our enemies (vices and sins). 6 Let us humble ourselves profoundly
7 We must always have courage. 8 Let us run to the feet of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament… and we will undoubtedly regain our strength. 9 (People) sometimes reflect too much on their evils, and…this confuses their thoughts so that …the soul…cannot free itself 10 Fear nothing at all (God) doesn’t want to do you any harm. 11 Love him (God) greatly. 12 Despise (your temptations) and don’t dwell on them too much. 13 Keep Jesus Crucified present to your imagination…and say…This is my hope, the living source of my happiness.
14 Nothing will ever separate me from his (Jesus’) love. 15 I will never leave him (Jesus) until he places me in a safe place. 16 Jesus, You are the God of my heart and the inheritance I desire for all eternity. 17 Be steadfast…Stay in the boat in which He (Jesus) has placed you, and let the storm come 18 Long live Jesus! 19 You will not perish. He (Jesus) may sleep, but at the opportune time He will awaken to restore your calm. 20 Try to always be watchful in order to avoid sin.
21 When you see you fail…bend your knees before God…humble yourself greatly, ask our Lord’s pardon 22 Convince yourselves that failings and little flights of passion are inevitable as long as we are in this life. 23 Self-love never dies before we do, but it will accompany us to the tomb. 24 Live calmly and tranquilly, totally immersed in Jesus alone. 25 Pray a great deal so that justice and innocence will triumph 26 Let the spirit of Jesus crucified reign in our souls. 27 Be tranquil…God is working within you always to the correct degree and in the right manner.
28 Heavenly goodness permits weaknesses… to render you more firm and tightly attached to his divine mercy. 29 Don’t grieve if you are not able to carry out the pious practices …Be content with what you are able to do… Jesus will console you 30 He who belongs only to God seeks nobody but God himself. 31He who belongs to God thinks of Him in all the events of this life and always tries to become better in the eyes of God. The words of Padre Pio for this month are taken from letters to his spiritual daughters Rachelina Russo and Rachelina Gisolfi: 1917 - July 30, September 25 1918 - March 9, May 5, August 17

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October 2007
Most Holy Rosary and St. Francis of Assisi

St. Pio of Pietrelcina, Good Father and Spiritual Guide, your love for the Eucharist and for our Heavenly Mother Mary made you respect and love every facet of life that spoke of God and his loving care for all creation. Be with me as I open my heart to the Most Blessed Trinity and intercede for me that, through the intercession of Our Mother Mary and yours, I may be holy and always live in God’s Most holy Will.

Good Father, present me as your Spiritual Child to our Lady, as I open my heart to her, that she, in turn, may keep me and protect me in her Immaculate Heart, and lead me to Jesus, Her Son.

Help me to see Jesus in the Eucharist I celebrate and receive so often. Pray that I, as Mary, may be a Tabernacle where Jesus finds a welcoming and a well-prepared place to dwell. On earth, Mary was the Monstrance who presented Jesus to the world, pray that I too may present Jesus in my life to all those whom I encounter on life’s journey.

Mary, my Mother, with Padre Pio as my companion in coming to you, intercede for me before the Blessed Trinity Whose Daughter, Mother and Spouse you are.

To Our Lady

(adapted Prayer composed by St. Bernard)

Remember, O most compassionate Virgin Mary, that never was it known, that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your assistance, or sought your intercession, was left unaided.

Inspired with this confidence, I fly to you, O Virgin of virgins, my mother, to you I come, sinful and sorrowful. Mother of the Word Incarnate (assist me, that I may open my heart to the Word Incarnate and, like you, open my life to Christ, that I may live with, in, and for Jesus, as you did.) Despise not my request, but in your clemency, hear and answer me.
Padre Pio’s love for the Rosary that he recited so often in the course of each day, encourages us to reflect upon the Rosary this month dedicated to its Mysteries. Each day choose one mysteries of the Rosary. Offer the following simple aspiration with the virtue of the day, and try to remember it and offer it throughout the day.

(Although the Luminous Mysteries were added well after Padre Pio’s death, he no doubt meditated the mysteries contained in them, so even with the Luminous Mysteries we can say the aspiration that refers to Padre Pio meditating on them.

Good Jesus, through the... (here mention the mystery of the Rosary you will carry with you during the day) may the example of Our Blessed Mother Mary who lived this moment with you, and the devotion of Padre Pio who meditated on this mystery each day, obtain for me the grace of... (here mention the virtue of the mystery) today.


Annunciation and Incarnation
Visit of Mary to Elizabeth
Birth at Bethlehem
Presentation and Purification
Finding in the Temple


Baptism in the Jordan
Presence at the Wedding in Cana
Preaching the Kingdom/Repentance
Institution of the Eucharist


Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane
Scourging at the Pillar
Crowning with Thorns
Carrying of the Cross
Death on the Cross


Descent of the Holy Spirit
Assumption of Our Lady
Crowning of Mary

Concluding Prayer:

Father, all-powerful and ever‑living God, through life’s joys and sorrows, enlighten me to live your Word, that I may come, one day, as Mary, to the glory you have promised all who hear your Word and keep It. You live forever.

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