October 2005

Month of the Most Holy Rosary of Our Lady

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            1 From God will come our strength, our calm, and our comfort
2 If only we would understand how precious time is 3 Every human concept has both good and bad. 4 No one can be saved without passing through life’s tempest tossed sea. 5 The cross is a pledge of love and a promise of pardon. 6 The Blessed Virgin Mary is stronger than any of our enemies. 7 Is there a prayer more beautiful than the Rosary? Always say the Rosary. 8 Free will is capable of good and evil.
9 We should confess our sins at the most every eight days. 10
Fight valiantly when you are tempted (free translation)
Let us love Jesus for His infinite merits.
 Let us always be faithful to the designs of Divine Providence. (free translation)
We can never penetrate the secret of the Omnipotence of God.
The Lord calls all of us to save souls.
Direct your prayers towards disarming the (just) anger of God. 
In the dark moments of life let us love a Crucified God.
God will never permit you to be tempted beyond your strength.
Open your heart to heaven and expect heavenly dew  to rain down.
Consider that Jesus was crucified also for you.
There will be no obstacles up there; we have to suffer here below.
Be careful; not to omit prayer.
Satan agitates and torments you; God consoles you.
Be eager to observe fulfill your duties (responsibilities).
Expel these thoughts from your imagination.
Prayer must be insistent. Insistence indicates faith.
To doubt is the greatest insult (one can give) to God.
The principal self-denial is the one we exercise in the home.
As a penance, reflect with sorrow on how you offended God. (free translation)
Think of all that Jesus did for you.
Punctuality, precision, honesty of intention, and then, generosity.
The entire day should be a preparation and a thanksgiving to Holy Communion.

Holy Virgin Mary, there is none like you born in the world among women.  Daughter and handmaid of the most  high King, the Heavenly Father, Mother of our most holy Lord Jesus Christ, Spouse of the Holy Spirit!  Pray for us with St. Michael the Archangel and all the Virtues in heaven and all the saints to your most holy beloved Son, our Lord and Master!  Hail, holy Lady, most holy Queen, Mary, Mother of God, you are forever chosen by the most holy Father in heaven, whom he consecrated with his most beloved Son and the Paraclete Spirit! You in whom was and is all fullness of grace and all good!  Hail, his palace! Hail, his tabernacle! Hail, his dwelling! Hail, his vesture! Hail, his handmaid! Hail, his Mother.
(St. Francis of Assisi)

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St. Pio of Pietrelcina, your love for the Eucharist and for our Heavenly Mother Mary, made you respect and love every facet of life that spoke of God and his loving care for all His creation.  Be with me as I open my heart to the Most Blessed Trinity and intercede for me that, through the intercession of Our Mother Mary and yours, I may be holy and always live in God’s Most holy Will.

Good Padre, present me as your Spiritual Child to our Lady, as I open my heart to her, that she, in turn,  may keep me and protect me in her Immaculate Heart,  and lead me to Jesus. 

As I see Jesus in the Eucharist I celebrate and receive so often, pray that I, as Mary, may be a Tabernacle where Jesus finds a welcoming and a well-prepared place to dwell and from which, as the Monstrance Mary is and I am called to be, Jesus can be presented to those whom I encounter on life’s journey.

Mary, My Mother, with Padre Pio as my companion in coming to you, I pray that you intercede for me before the Blessed trinity Whose Daughter, Mother and Spouse you are.

To Our Lady

(adapted Prayer composed by St. Bernard)

Remember, O most compassionate Virgin Mary, that never was it known, that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your assistance, or sought your intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly to you, O virgin of virgins, my mother, to you I come, sinful and sorrowful. Mother of the Word Incarnate (assist me, that I may open my heart to the Word I read and receive, and, like you, open my life to Christ, that I may live with, in, and for Jesus, as you did.) Despise not my request, but in your clemency, hear and answer me.


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Padre Pio’s love for the Rosary that he recited so often in the course of each day, urges us to reflect upon the Rosary.
Each day  choose one mystery of the Rosary. Offer the following simple aspiration with the virtue of the day:

Good Jesus, through the...
  (here mention the mystery of the Rosary you will carry with you during the day)
may the example of Our Blessed Mother Mary who lived this moment with you,
and the devotion of Padre Pio who meditated on this mystery each day,
obtain for me the grace of...
  (here mention the virtue of the mystery) today.   
Annunciation and IncarnationHUMILITY
Visit of Mary to Elizabeth   CHARITY
Birth at Bethlehem          POVERTY of SPIRIT
Presentation and PurificationOBEDIENCE
Finding in the Temple        FIDELITY to GOSPEL
Baptism in the Jordan ACCEPTING GOD’S WILL
Presence at the Wedding in Cana      CELEBRATING LIFE AS A CHILD OF GOD
Preaching the Kingdom/Repentance   REPENTANCE
Transfiguration              SEEING GOD AT ALL TIMES
Institution of the Eucharist EUCHARISTIC LOVE
Agony in the Garden of GethsemaneFERVOR
Scourging at the PillarPENANCE
Crowning with Thorns   MORAL COURAGE
Carrying of the Cross  PATIENCE
Death on the Cross     SELF-SACRIFICE
Resurrection           FAITH
Ascension              HOPE
Descent of the Holy Spirit     LOVE & ZEAL
Assumption of Our Lady DEVOTION TO MARY
Crowning of Mary       FINAL PERSEVERANCE

Concluding Prayer:
Father, all-powerful and ever-living God, through life’s joys and sorrows, enlighten me to live your Word, that I may  come, one day, as Mary, to the glory you have promised all who hear your Word and keep It. You live forever. Amen.

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